Zuckerberg Tries to Get Out of Being a Rat

According to Buddhist belief, those who have done evil in their lives will spend the next incarnation in the shape of a rat, a frog or some other low animal. Unknown(Zuckerberg) intends to provide against this danger. He would devote his closing years to good works, which would pile up enough merit to outweigh the rest of his life. images-1Probably his good works would take the form of (a for-profit charitable organization). Four (billion), five, six, seven Р(his wife) would tell him how many Рwith carved stonework, gilt umbrellas and little bells that tinkled in the wind, every tinkle a prayer. imagesAnd he would return to earth in male human shape Рfor woman ranks at about the same level as a rat or frog Рor at worst as some dignified beast such as an elephant.*

(*Adapted from pp.3-4, Burmese Days, George Orwell)