Pat’s Vigor/Vigour

Alex and I had almost finished lunch, a long afternoon of meetings and then the evening’s presentation ahead. The door opened abruptly and our senior colleague, Pat, appeared. “Please pardon my intrusion, but I discovered my wallet, reddish-tan, went missing, along with $60-70, four credit cards, my driver’s license, medical cards, and a doctor’s prescription for medication. Lucky me!” He raised his eyebrows, croookedly above his sunken face and dark beady eyes.”Well, if either one you comes across it, please think of me. Do call/text and I will meet you virtually anywhere at your convenience.”
Alex stared back, open-mouthed, the end of his tuna fish sandwich loose between his thumb and forefinger.
“I thank you both, and I must state I truly appreciate the positive course our business venture seems to be piloting, as well as a renewed vigor, v-i-g-o-r or v-i-g-o-u-r. Either one.” Bits of foamy spittle had collected at the corners of his gap-toothed grin. “I feel this both inside and around me.”
Alex put down the sandwich and wiped his hands methodically.
“I am very fortunate to be working with such colleagues.” Pat nodded sharply and backed out of the door, only to reappear like a bristly mole. “Most sincerely.” And he was gone.
“How does that guy still have a job?”
“Not a clue.”