Absolutely Most

We live in hyperbolic times, everything an absolute and most.

One radio commentator went so far as to call The Winter Classic “the greatest event ever played on the greatest continent.” 20140101_160205As ridiculous as his statement may be, hype is our norm. Winter weather, once described as “cold” or “snowy”, has been transformed into drama verging cataclysm. polar-vortex-deep-freeze-ftrWhere were you during Winter Storm Hercules? winter-storm-herculesHow did you survive the Great Polar Vortex of 2014? colbert_report_polar_vortex_a_lAnd what will you do to get through the next step towards our end?Chicken-Little_Sky-is-Falling

4 thoughts on “Absolutely Most

  1. Sure: but remember to use more ‘Rob Ford-isms’, so it would be: The winter cataclysm is akin to Rob Ford’s potential slide in the polls,.. – or similar,.. keep bundled up though eh!

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