The Night I Beat Bogdan Dico

Bogdan Dico’s icon looked at me like an ATM machine, the bald head gleaming.The Night I Beat Bogdan DicoI was lucky and won a big hand. Everybody was surprised by that, except Bogdan. He knew that I would make a wrong move. I rested on my laurels and got distracted by drink and then the people walking past. The Night I Beat Bogdan DicoAnd then I saw that Bogdan had taken two players out. There were only two of us left. I had an Ace-Eight, and the River produced a matching Ace. Bogdan beat me on that hand. He eliminated the other player and had 80% of the chips.

And then I took Bogdan Dico down. I had the cards, and he never believed it. It ended with a straight. We were both stunned by that. I stared at that glorious little Nine of Clubs until the screen changed for the next game. The Night I Beat Bogdan Dico