The Number Eleven

11 is an odd number. 864adf0cde1c1b7796215cb40c55cd0bIt’s one more than ten and it’s also two.godfather-iiHundreds of athletes have worn the number.

Battleship Kelly

Battleship Kelly

It’s also the name of an epic song by The Grateful Dead. TheEleven2012Makemake is the 11th planet from the sun. makemakeEleven also documents two infamous dates in history.

twin towers

While a day of remembrance, November 11 recalls wars that killed hundreds of millions. wordwarIIThe 11th hour is our final chance.

7 thoughts on “The Number Eleven

  1. McP:

    A few comments:

    11 is one more than 10. It is also than 3 in base 2. When you bring up the word “binary” base 2 comes to mind.

    Uranus is the 7th planet from the Sun.

    “[T]he Ideas of March”? Typo? Autocorrect? Or an intentional change to mean something along the lines of “the thoughts that we have in March”?

    If you meant “Ides” then you are referring to a specific day in March that is not the 11th. The Ides of March is March 15th.

    My pedantic comments go to 11!


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