The Virtual World – and Company

Just back from a one-month writing stint during which I shed, albeit briefly, my log-in addiction, I was able to find some focus in the narrative. 20150710_202206No Leafs. No Dead. No Bachelor.

My days became balanced and quiet, my dreams vivid. I wrote and read and hiked and wrote and read. 20150709_213432It was as good as it gets.

Needless to say, I have returned and been disappointed in virtually every corner: The Leafs traded Kessel, The Grateful Dead devolved into something called The Dead and Company and The Bachelor concluded with a Nazi-like denigration of homosexuality. bachelorette-bachelorsAnd I’m blogging about it again!

2 thoughts on “The Virtual World – and Company

  1. Lou Lamoriello & Mike Babcock = boom / forget Kessel,.. Cry-Baby-Kessel who can’t even take being paid millions of dollars while being ribbed by some questionable talking-heads. Now go and get caught up on my fuel-pump dramas. I have one coming in the mail from the USA,.. yes, to my address,.. you’re a lucky man Mr. McPhedran.

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