This is the End?

I don’t know how to end. It seems like I just go on and then it comes to a stop, the story just gone, ended, like a final breath. This is the way of life, but it’s not supposed to be for writing. The problem is that endings can be so ridiculous and easy to predict, which I blogged about last year. the greyI have had a multitude of endings for my bad side, some of them obtuse, others pointed, all of them too introspective. I had an ending, a moment, part revelatory, part happenstance, but it came across as a blunt object struck on the reader’s head.IMAG2306I have tried to avoid core themes and images and end up with a moment that means more than it should. Phone 158I need something in between, something clean, something that begs for more but doesn’t, like a good drink.mcmanusSomething like that.


5 thoughts on “This is the End?

  1. I find it helps when I think about it simply being the end to the Reader’s Window I’ve created into The World I’ve imagined as opposed to the end to The World I’ve created. Good luck!

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