This Weird Electronic World

It’s weird how willingly we descend into this electronic world. parker-also-tried-on-the-pairThere is nothing to touch, no expression to read, nothing; it is virtual, nothing more. anais-nin-quoteOur letters are electronic, our messages and pictures, everything “press send”. It seems to make sense, efficient and direct, good for the environment. DSCN2476However the thing that is lost appears to be the thing that got us out of the muck to start with: our self-awareness, our knowledge of the world in which we live.

I saw someone yesterday who has been most hostile toward me over the years and expressed that same hostility yet again…but then, suddenly, smiling, said, “I like your blog.” Screenshot (235)I was confounded by that. I could think of nothing to say but “Thanks” and have been left scratching my head ever since. And so I blog about that.

2 thoughts on “This Weird Electronic World

  1. I do agree about the frequently chilling quality of the efficiency and facelessness of the virtual world in which we live. I am as culpable as anyone. Isn’t it so much easier sometimes to send a neat, concise message, with all the links and attachments included, than picking up the phone and engaging in a longer, at times circuitous, and therefore inconclusive and inefficient conversation?
    And yet, duplicitousness has been there much longer than our virtual world (and goes arm in arm with mendacity, I am afraid).

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