Ultran on “The way forward”

The Amazing Ultran writes, The way forward is certainly at the center of your values. And you are a focused and accomplished participant whose capabilities are well recognized, it would seem. It would appear that your next step is to gain a sharper sense of your own depth.

The experience on Sunday at All Tomorrow’s Parties – waiting in line, observing The Amazing Ultran’s automated movements, staring back into his dark eye, watching him write and write and write and finally receiving my fortune – was a curious one. There was certainly an aspect of mysticism to it, even with the knowledge that it was an art performance piece; it’s funny what goes through your mind when you are being read. Does he really know my future? Can he divine even an inkling?

Get quiet, undistracted time and recollect your subtle voices little by little, as they shift to the surface. This is where the enhanced awareness is and this seems to be where you are ready to grow next.

Uh…maybe, maybe not…but however genuine or word-accurate the medium, it’s still great advice for writing. It’s those subtle voices that count!