Vaughn & Staples’ “Saga”: More Sci-Fi Rubbish

In the continuing quest for inspiration in writing my science fiction book Aqaara, I was recommended the graphic novel series Saga by Brian Vaughn and Fiona Staples. Vaughn & Staples Saga More Sci-Fi RubbishI was most interested in its apparently profound treatment of sexual themes and imagery, and yet was disappointed to realize that it is neither thought-provoking nor titillating. Vaughn & Staples' "Saga": More Sci-Fi RubbishThe work is nothing more than a morass of simplistic morality propped upon a landscape of superficial sexuality in which – surprise! – a transgender character recently appears. The story-line is vapid, the dialogue interminable to say nothing of the farcical content. Vaughn & Staples' "Saga": More Sci-Fi RubbishBut worse of all are the references to the authors’ own process themselves, their love of books and killing off their babies.Vaughn & Staples' "Saga": More Sci-Fi Rubbish Which they never did and really should have.

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