Venice Biennale 2013: Gold Coins to Drunk Mice

I wanted to write something thoughtful about my visit today to the Venice Biennale, but I absorbed too much of it…Gold coins raining on women…

Vadim Zakharov's "The Danae Project"

Vadim Zakharov’s “The Danae Project” (Russia)

A tiny kid-world perfectly ordered…

Sarah Sze's "Triple Point"

Sarah Sze’s “Triple Point” (USA)

A preteen’s idea of pornography…

Evgenij Kozlov's "The Leningrad Album"

Evgenij Kozlov’s “The Leningrad Album” (Russia)

A piece of wood smothered in nails…

Antti Laitinen's "It's My Island"

Antti Laitinen’s “It’s My Island” (Finland)

And a drunken mouse…

Fischen & Weiss's "Suddenly This Overview"

Fischen & Weiss’s “Suddenly This Overview” (Switzerland)

and so my head don’t work too good now.

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