Watching Beckett One-Acts on Leafs Opening Night

Not I:  What? . . the buzzing? . . yes . . . all the time the buzzing . . . dull roar . . . in the skull . . . and the beam . . . ferreting around . . . painless . . . so far . . . ha! . . so far . . . then thinking . . . oh long after . . . sudden flash Screenshot (406)Footfalls: Not enough, what can you possibly mean, May, not enough? May: I mean, Mother, that I must hear the feet, however faint they fall. Screenshot (409)RockabySo in the end/close of a long day/in the end went and sat/went back in and sat.Screenshot (413)

2 thoughts on “Watching Beckett One-Acts on Leafs Opening Night

  1. That was THE worst example of audio levels in the history of the game! Foster Hewitt was given a better mic and better levels. Every-time the crowd got loud, yes, I know the Hanger having a loud audience, but it did, and then the voices of the play-by-play guys feel more and more silent, as their 70’s auto-level machine had no idea what it was meant to pick-up. Rogers suck right on down to their cheap clip-on condenser mics and non-existent audio levels. Spare me the helmet cam and penalized P.O.V. and bring back some professional CBC audiophiles. Otherwise, two cheap goals made things even.

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