Werner Herzog’s “Even Dwarves Started Small”

Werner Herzog’s 1968 film Even Dwarves Started Small has a very specific and demanding vision dominated by extraordinarily long takes, the camera mercilessly watching as to what might unfold, be it a truck driving in an endless circle…Werner Herzog’s "Even Dwarves Started Small"Dwarves looking at pictures of nude girls…Werner Herzog’s "Even Dwarves Started Small"Or a chicken eating a dead mouse.Werner Herzog’s "Even Dwarves Started Small"Much is demanded of the audience, too much, throughout this drifting narrative in which dwarves yell and laugh maniacally as they wreck everything they can find.Werner Herzog’s "Even Dwarves Started Small"Says Herzog: “Film is out about our collective dreams and also our collective nightmares, something that cannot be extinguished from our minds.”Werner Herzog’s "Even Dwarves Started Small"

Nightmare indeed.