Winter “Buzz” scene

The snow was deep, some drifts as high as 15 feet. 20140213_094247He made a cave and sat there alone. The walls were more blue than white. He stretched his legs legs out and watched his breath float in clouds, listening to his snowsuit crinkling and then the shifting and cracking of the snow.20140213_095949He heard steps, his father and Mr. Wylie.

“Huson had a break-in?”

“They went after his motor, chained to his Ski-Doo. Cut the goddamned thing off.”20140213_093923

“I heard they were in Reynolds’ place last week.”

“Left the door wide open. Ruined the floor.”

“They catch anyone?”20140203_190741

“Kids, goddamn good-for-nothings.”

Their voices vanished. He stared at a tiny animal trail going into a frozen hole. He only saw the animals dead on the road, frozen and squashed. 20140209_192120

4 thoughts on “Winter “Buzz” scene

  1. I hope he has a for when he comes out from his lonely hole,.. / yes, immediately engaged with your plot and characters, would like to know more on the POV of the (field-mouse) tiny animal,.. but rectifying the 15 foot drifts with the images of NYC, made my brain spin, so would have enjoyed more images taken from Utah or similar. I always wanted to go winter-camping in snow that deep, and so the last sentence leaves me perplexed – is it needed,.? I thought he was kind-of lying down in his (blue) snow cave and he over-heard the conversation,.. so the road-kill thing for me is difficult. I like the idea of having a young voice as the moderator. – and he as a kid is now one of the ‘god-damn’ kids,. how does that make him feel if he had nothing to do with the crime,.. but by age was lumped in with the others. – – but more on the tiny animal pls.

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