Your MLK Day Quiz: What Would You Do For Someone Else?

The Dardenne brothers latest film, Two Days, One Night posits a basic question for all of us to consider: Would you choose to receive a bonus if it meant that your colleague lost her job? twodaysonenightUnderstanding that your colleague does her job well but she is not a close friend, what would you choose to do?

Martin Luther King Jr. often asked such questions of us. His final speech in Memphis, Tennessee was no exception: “The question is not what might happen to me if I stop to help the sanitation workers. The question is what happens if I do not stop to help, what will happen to them? That is the question.” MLK memphisAre you willing to sacrifice for others? Or is it you above all else?

6 thoughts on “Your MLK Day Quiz: What Would You Do For Someone Else?

  1. No – this is a stupid question because the example is senseless – why wouldn’t someone take the bonus if it meant putting food on their table, etc.? So I should starve so she can eat? Her sacrifice is to lose her job so I can eat!

    the question “what would you sacrifice to help another being” is not and doesn’t require an example – just simple soul searching.

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