How to Make Rude People Feel Uncomfortable

I went to see Bernardo at The Rock Shop on Friday. The show was awesome.20140131_213140However I was in the back – where the sound is best – and had a couple of people talking in front of me, talking non-stop, their backs to the music. Normally I would tell them to shut up or move, but I am trying to better, kinder version of myself and so employed a different method. I used the flash on my phone. 20140131_220041And it worked, sort of; they hated it – ducking and turning away and stopped for a moment. 20140131_220102But then, after I had done it twice, they went back to talking. 20140131_212759The show still rocked.

3 thoughts on “How to Make Rude People Feel Uncomfortable

  1. man, pulling some kind of a loud tourettes display might have worked better, and would have been more amusing as an anecdote. 😉 see: High Fidelity, especially the scene in which Cusack envisions all the different ways he could have dealt with Tim Robbins coming into his vinyls shop to ‘warn him’. Love. this. scene. forever.

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