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I’ve been writing for 30 years now, a lot of words and ideas, some of which are connected, others not. I am posting on the bi-polarities of the process. (Please click on the book titles to learn a little about each.)

2012-              The Cx Trilogy  My latest work, part one now completed, is a piece of speculative fiction focused on the idea of leaving for another planet.

2006-2012      my bad side  The story of two sisters, orphaned in their infancy, who turn to sex and alcohol in their adult years and take their fury out on one another.

2002-2005      All In Told in three voices, the novel starts and finishes with Christmas and centers upon the loss of a family member killed on 9/11.

2000-2001      Black Ice  Literary account of how a mother, father and brother  understand through the accidental death of the youngest in the family.

1997-1999      Buzz A novel broken into three sections of declining self-awareness, the dissolution of a character through self-destruction and denial.

1996-1997        The Life and Home of Gerbi Norberg (Screenplay) The chronicle of a Anglo-Saxon family joined by a group of Ojibwa in the Canadian North.

1995-1996        The Land and Home of Gerbi Norberg A novel told in installments,  speculating on what would this world without the need for more.

1993-1995       Call the Dancers Set in Dublin and the surrounding countryside, a short novel about a young couple embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

1992-1994       The Sacred Whore (Screenplay)The story in all its sensationalistic, cinematic glory.

1989-1990        Sister Prometheus A screenplay about four sisters who push against the misogynistic values of a world that pretends otherwise.

1989-1994        Affected Grandeur Two short novellas – one set in Cordoba, Spain, the other in northern France – about sex and alienation.

1989-1991        Fashion for the Apocalypse Memoir-styled piece centered upon coming of age in a disconnected world.

1986-1989        The Sacred Whore The sensational novel of a gang of prostitutes who kidnap a basketball team to broadcast their views on what’s wrong with America.

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