Judging Politicians for all the Wrong Reasons

In 1989, President Bush nominated John Tower for Secretary of Defense, an appointment that the press and public attacked not because of his hawkish politics but for his reputation as a womanizer and drinker.John TowerA similar fate met Gary Hart in his 1987 presidential bid.gary hartAnthony Weiner’s candidacy for New York City mayor flopped for the same reasons. sydney leathersNone of these people were judged on their public policy, but on their private indiscretions. I don’t understand why, beyond his family and friends, anyone cares. Indeed what if the same skewed thinking had been applied to two American icons – JFK & MLK – for their weaknesses for the fairer sex?.

Marilyn Monroe offers her birthday wishes to JFK

Marilyn Monroe offers her birthday wishes to JFK

What if their indiscretions had been made public while they were alive? Would they have been cast from office?

Consider this pop quiz: Which of the following personalities would you vote for?

Candidate A drinks a quart of brandy every day and is a habitual smoker.drinkerCandidate B has had a long-standing extramarital affair and believes in the occult.witchCandidate C neither smokes nor drinks and is a vegetarian.
woman with bare shoulders holding vegetable

Yes, of course it’s a trick. That’s the point. (A: Winston Churchill, B: FDR, C: Adolf Hitler)