State Birds and Naked Ladies

The writing has moved along today: 17 pages and maybe another 10 tonight. I spent a good deal of time tweaking a conversation in which state birds are discussed:

“California’s state bird.”

“That’s the Meadowlark, isn’t it?”

“California Quail.”

“I should have known that.” He opened the door. “You know Maine’s?”

“I know Rhode Island is the chicken.”

”The Rhode Island Red Chicken.” He placed Apollo’s cage beside the bed.

…and another scene in which Dee, only 11 years old, discovers a Playboy magazine hidden at her uncle’s house:There was a magazine on top with a picture of a woman standing in a white see-through top. She had thick blond hair, long legs and silvery high heels; she looked at me over her shoulder. I opened it to the center; she was completely naked there, shiny brown skin and crazy big breasts. I couldn’t understand how she was like that, standing there so naked. 

I also got rid of a ‘crazy-legged’ bird and changed a sweater into a pink hoodie from Las Vegas.Onward! Ho!

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