Swordsmen II: More Faux Trump

The Trump interview from the July 1983 issue of Swordsmen: Drawn & Quarterly delved more deeply into his political philosophy.

On the environment: I love the trees and ocean. It’s all so great. But what’s more important? Good people or a bunch of moss?

On politics: Dictators get a bad rap. Most of them were really great.

On the people who would vote for him: Bunch of ignorant slobs, but there’s so many of them. And they’re ignorant. So that’s great.

Original advertisement from Flebinski & Associates

On alcohol: Can you imagine me drunk? I grab enough pussy as it is.

On death: It’s all fake. Anyone ever tell you what it’s like to be dead? Of course not. When I’m president, I’ll great rid of death. Clean out that swamp in my first hundred days.*

*Swordsmen: Drawn & Quarterly is a fictitious magazine as is the interview.

2 thoughts on “Swordsmen II: More Faux Trump

  1. My great uncle used to have a stack of dog-eared and suspiciously sticky back-issues of Swordsmen (because one swordsman is never enough) under the sink in the pool house…how many afternoons did i squander in that cool grotto while the rest of the family frolicked poolside…i have Swordsmen to thank for the man I have become.

    Can I get MacPhedran in Canada? I have nothing going, but I could have, if Mac Phedran were my libation of choice.

    These Swordsmen out-takes are gold. I wish Swordsmen and Mac Phedran existed in the same way I wish this existed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKx11LGIf8M

    Why are the parallel universes always so much better?

  2. Parallel universes are better because we only see bits and not the whole. MacPhedran has been discontinued, but we are looking to resuscitate.

    Love the supporting cast in Beckett, although he seems to be missing a love interest.

    Thanks for the comment.

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