The Proliferation of “The Last Supper”

While in New Orleans, I was intrigued by a poster called The Last Session.

Joshua Walshs "The Last Session" features Louis Armstrong as the Christ figure.

Joshua Walsh’s “The Last Session” features Louis Armstrong as the Christ figure.

In trying to research who each of the figures of betrayal were in the work, I was quick to learn that parodies of Leonardo Da Vinci’s 1498 iconic work are common as thieves. 
SuperSuppercroppedwonderland-last-supper-1038x57620140124_170146-copylast-supper Marithe-Francois-Girbaudthe-last-supper-03 copyBetterLastSupper the-last-sessionlast-supper-mash041009_supper_3 VICE_SUPPER_BBD_Online_RGB_INTL-1The proliferation of this icon, re-branded and spun, is confusing to say the least, an image that everyone seems to know and yet no one understand. ht-funphotos207Yes, just like getting a tattoo.

4 thoughts on “The Proliferation of “The Last Supper”

  1. I’m pretty sure we know all these musicians from left to right:
    Thelonius Monk p
    James P Johnson p
    Ray Charles p
    Miles Davis t
    Ella Fitzgerald v
    George Pops Foster b
    Louis Armstrong t
    Johnny Hodges s
    Sidney Bechet cl
    Billy Holiday v
    Duke Ellington p
    Bix Beiderbecke t
    Ferd Jelly Roll Morton p
    Okay? Loyal Regards from M. Potash

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