3 thoughts on “42 Minutes in 17 Seconds

  1. Are you sure that it isn’t just resetting? Either that or the battery is low and this is the indication of low battery,.. So – it would be working just fine, either way, it isn’t broken, it’s just not indicating the correct time, during that time. I would think broken to be more of an absolute term referring a thing that is in need of a fix, not just a new battery (or wound, or plugged in to an outlet) or re-adjusting to some atomic clock buried in the hills of Bolder CO. Change the battery, I think it works fine.

    • The clock is broken like we are all broken. Time is a dimension which is not measured in units but moments – memories and dreams in perpetual contortion. (By the way, they’re all stoned in Boulder and are obsesses with the relativity of time parameters.

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