Bridget Anne Kelly: Hell Hath No Fury Like Middle Management

New Jersey Governor Christie’s aid, Bridget Anne Kelly, is like so many other stuck at her level, always taking orders, never going anywhere. The stupid and spiteful act of the Fort Lee lane closures is typical of the bitter power-hungry people in middle management.Bridget Anne Kelly, Chris ChristieThese are the little bosses – the department heads and principals – the banal and evil ones, like the Third Reich’s Adolf Eichmann, who do everything within their power to ruin anyone in their range and pretend they were just following orders.eichmannThese are the nothings behind the failures of banks, health care websites and gun control legislation, the sad and lonely that stop traffic because they can.

Congressman Chabot

Congressman Chabot: “Serious concerns regarding gun control.”

And the worst thing is that we can do nothing about it unless they’re dumb enough to put it into

One thought on “Bridget Anne Kelly: Hell Hath No Fury Like Middle Management

  1. “Time for some traffic problems…” good going there Brdiget Anne Kelly and what’s best is you documented your mindless, hateful, spiteful thinking for all the world to see. “Dumb enough…” Old McP – you’re too kind!

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