My Weirdest Lie – Boy Throws Hockey Stick

I’ve lied about many dumb things in my life, but the weirdest of all is from my pre-teen days.

I rode my Banana bike around Forest Hill, a neighborhood of manicured lawns and three-car garages, going up and down the cobblestone hill on Vesta Drive. 164325739tpm_8071I had Trix spoke beads and had somehow hypnotized myself to try a dumb thing: I wanted to see what would happen if I jammed a stick into the front wheel as I pedaled.

Spoke beads

Spoke beads

So I did that and, not too surprisingly, flipped over the handlebars.

A woman yelled from across her lawn, “Are you all right?”

I hobbled away, my knee bleeding, my wheel wobbly, desperate not to explain my stupidity. However the problem lay ahead of how to answer to my mother.

I couldn’t come up with much of anything except that I had been somehow attacked. Forest Hill isn’t exactly a place of marauding gangs – although I had once been challenged to fight in the ravine by a dozen 9-year-olds – and so I came up with a story that I thought might suffice. article-2349229-1A871578000005DC-484_634x411“This kid came running out from behind his house and threw his hockey stick like a spear. It went right into my front wheel and I went flying.”

My mother scowled – she was good at that – and walked away. I don’t think she believed any of it but she was never one for digging.

2 thoughts on “My Weirdest Lie – Boy Throws Hockey Stick

  1. re: ‘banana seat bike’, are these not know simply as ‘banana bikes’? ,.. As in a low slung bike that employs smaller wheels, it would naturally have a banana seat, with long front forks and monkey bars,. yes often seen with the ubiquitous spoke beads, or baseball card flapper,.. maybe both.

    – also, and as I think that I’ve previously mentioned, you are in the right line of work for a part-time lier (is that even a word?) ,.. that of being a writer,.. keep on lying /// also – do writers keep away from writing about lying as it gets to be a bit confusing the whole spelling meaning thing – I’ve got the oxford dictionary out here and I’m going over lie,.. / I can see how it would just be too much to take on,.. or to read,..

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