NHL Winter Classic – Cold and Colder

I was at the NHL’s Winter Classic with 105,000 others. It was a thrill to be there and see Toronto defeat Detroit in a shootout. NHL Winter Classic - Cold and ColderBut I must admit to struggling with my focus, especially as the game approached four hours. The seven layers of clothes were no longer working. Neither was the Bloody Mary. I needed warmth. I needed to get out of there. And once I did, it was all about getting as warm as I could. NHL Winter Classic - Cold and ColderWe drove the six hours back to Toronto, through the snow and traffic, the car getting warmer until I was finally over-heated.NHL Winter Classic - Cold and Colder I refused to take off any of my seven layers. I only took off my hat. That was it. I was happy to be warm again. And then I slept and dreamed and it was all about being cold again.