Notes on David Bowie’s Fame

Some notes culled from Dylan Thomas’ book, Davide Bowie: An Oral History.

Bowie was a bit of a sociopath, but then aren’t all stars? (Wendy Leigh, 31)

I was a nymphomaniac at the time, and I suppose Bowie was a sex addict. He just had a good time. He may have intellectualized it, but it was really just sex. Lots of sex. (Cherry Vanilla, 109)

What really struck me was how he looked at me. I remember him looking at me and checking me out. He was like a robot. He was working out exactly what persona he was going to show to me. “I’m going to humor you, but I have to watch out for you.” (Nick Kent, 153)

I was like a sacrificial whore for David, and I didn’t care because playing a sacrificial whore was a role I liked. It opened doors for other sacrificial whores. (Cherry Vanilla, 190)

He told me once that the best way to travel around in London anonymously is on public transit. All you have to do is wear and hat and read a Greek newspaper. (Tracy Emin, 391)

Frankly famous people feel a lot happier around other famous people, rather than civilians. (Dylan Jones, 442)