The Prejudice of Time Zones

It seems to me that to eliminate prejudice, we just have to get rid of time zones. 20160115_071351I know that time zones seem like a practical system for everyone, and it only starts with a measly one-hour difference. Yes, it is all so sensible, but then the hours become two and three, and before you realize what’s happened, it’s turned into a matter of night and day. eiffelThink about how off-putting it is to realize that your noon is another’s midnight, your breakfast someone else’s dinner.Syria 297Seeing the world only from a lone time zone is skewed and detrimental to all. Saying one is a few hours ahead, another a day behind is judgmental, making for a wholly classist understanding for what should be a common human experience. 20151228_111757Why can’t we all be equal, all of us together in a fuzzy land of uncertainty, unaware of our own self-centric time? No more of this self-centered living. It is time to embrace and love the all of our communal experience. 20160110_194729Or maybe I should try to get a good night’s sleep.

2 thoughts on “The Prejudice of Time Zones

  1. Get the sleep. Time zones are awesome. I say this because, living on the West Coast, I live in the Promised Land of sports viewing. I am never kept up late by any North American sporting events. Super Bowl done by dinnertime? Yes! Canucks road games in the East? I catch the later periods after work.

    Over the years I have developed the impression that you have some degree of fondness for the Maple Leafs. Please confirm. How many times have you stayed up past midnight to finish watching games the Leafs have played on the West Coast?

    Wishing you well, and sound sleep.

  2. I confirm an affinity to the Maple Leafs and also to many fond memories as a wee one listening to the game on the radio late a night to what seemed like an event played away in a far away magical land. I also remember watching playoff football in Hawaii, starting at 8 am, which was exotic as well.

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