The Small Great Moments of Cheap Trick Trick’s “Live at Budokan”

Cheap Trick’s Live at Budokan is an album short on expertise, but long on show and full of small great moments. cheaptrickIt deserves a brief revival for these ten reasons:

  1. Emcee announcing: “All right, Tokyo! Are you ready!? Please welcome Epic Recording artists Cheap Trick!”
  2. Relentless screaming of 12,000 Japanese teenagers
  3. Drumming transition by Mr. Bun E. Carlos between “Hello, There” and “Come on, Come on”bunECarlos7
  4. ‘A’ list pop crooning by Robin Zander on “Lookout”
  5. Final slide note by Rick Nielsen on “Big Eyes”
  6. Attempt at rock epic song on “Need Your Loverick-nielsen-with-pick-corbis-630-80
  7. Instrumental opening to “Ain’t That a Shame
  8. Echoing call-and-response with audience on “I Want You to Want Me”
  9. Lyrics in “Surrender” including “Mom and dad were rolling on the couch”
  10. Robin Zander yelling in the finale, “Cheap Trick says good night!”20130429-cheaptrick3-600-1367245640