Trump Tell-All in Swordsmen

Long before the words ‘fake’ and ‘news’ were glued together, there was a gentleman’s magazine of leisure, somewhat akin to Oui, which featured scantily-clad cartoon ladies, poorly-researched articles and bullet-point interviews with men of questionable fiber.

This magazine was Swordsmen: Drawn and Quartered*, and their May 1979 edition featured one Donald Trump.

On women: Women are great. They have breasts of all different shapes and sizes. All so different. And they’re all great.

On his children: My daughter’s very hot. Great face and ass. And she’s only three.

On slavery: Great business model. Bad PR.

On the inequities of the racial divide: Great. I love it.

On the future of mankind: We’re doing great. More than great. Greater than great. You can’t get any greater than that.

*Swordsmen: Drawn & Quarterly is not a real magazine. Illustrations credit: Matt Howarth’s Tryx: Sluts in Space