Fuck You, Christmas Tree Too

I already told you, Christmas Tree. 20140104_133315Weren’t you listening?20140104_131238Fuck you. 20140104_130332How could you fall for this all over again? 20140104_130657You think that we care because we take you into our homes and dress you up? 20140104_131650How stupid could you be? 20140104_130915We use you, Christmas Tree.20140104_130804We just pretend to care.20140104_131303And then we throw you out. 20140104_130422You’re garbage. 20140104_131635So get into your mulcher and let us get on with our lives. 20140104_131823Until we want to pretend again. 20140104_131531Until then, remember what we said. “Fuck you, Christmas Tree.” 20140104_130849