My Stupid Freewill

I am dumb, looking at the screen.Screenshot (1172)Only just able to raise my finger, I click again. Screenshot (1170)I am non-thinking, the opposite of my brain working, and believe there to be a link, somehow secret, that will inspire, move me in a direction, anywhere.

Screenshot (1171)But I stay thick and slow, stuck. There is nothing. Screenshot (1170)I go around again, the same pages, the same things, the same morbid reflections, the same sentimental desires, and I know that I will not click on anything new, that I will keep circling in, trapping myself in this concentric hell. Screenshot (1172)An email arrives and I have to respond to that. I have to get up. I have work, things I must do, and already am thinking back to just now, having this time to do whatever I wanted and doing nothing, absolutely nothing.esk-compI should have done something real and certain. I promise myself that I will do that, the next chance I have.

2 thoughts on “My Stupid Freewill

  1. I know it eh! not to worry, I won’t send you a real-deal link to the Habs,.. you probably already it secretly bookmarked,.. 6 more days of nothing until they hit the ice again,,.. boring – so while waiting for them to put the fire to the ice,.. we have / or – I’ve got lots more,.. just ask.

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