The Best Place in the World

This just might be the best place in the world. 20140306_183435People pass by, here and not here, beggars and suits and children and lost sad women and college kids and military personnel, moving like they matter, all at different paces, the wonder of the world beaten down by life but still moving, unseeing, unsure, lost in their own world, but still like they might know where they are going. There are so many that they don’t have to talk. 20140306_183902Stupid things are said like “Life is life and it’s funny” and nobody is listening. Anything can be bought – orange ski gloves, faux Thai food, booze of all kinds. It is cool, not cold, not warm. It is so loud that it is almost quiet. There is an echo that never stops.20140306_183842I could stand here for hours. And nobody would care.

One thought on “The Best Place in the World

  1. Might they be seeking their own silence? Listening to their own thoughts? ; We travel privately, for security! – overt indifference.

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