Transplanting Characters in “Anori”

Fitz is a go-to character in Anori: To my mind, the philosopher types all died in the Renaissance and that.” 

It seemed obvious that he would be a player in a prime scene in the book, something that’s got everything – sex, police chases as well as furious angst. bugsHowever I realized that Uncle Ralph is the one who belongs in the scene; he’s family and makes Dee understand what she will be leaving.

And so, as much as I love the witticisms of Fitz, I had to expunge him from the great chase scene in New York.

He was transported to Greenland instead, where he will watch the ice melt and wax melancholic about the great ships launching into space. b57d5767-8ffc-4950-a52d-7e5eda760aec-620x372“Good seein’ ’em go. Now we can have a bit of the peace and quiet.”