On the Fringes of Winter Storm Jonas

There was no getting around it; we needed eggs, spring onions and a lime, bagels too. I had to go out into Winter Storm Jonas. 20160123_095503We were on the outskirts of Sag Harbor, Long Island, only on the fringes of the storm, and so the snow wasn’t heavy yet, although the winds were strong and the roads empty.20160123_090138 Sag Harbor was deserted, the bagel place closed. 20160123_084234A lone jogger fought the winds as I ventured on. A trio of snowplows had emerged. 20160123_083807And the store was open, and everything was half off. Was this a Winter Storm Jonas Sale? No, they were closing for renovations the next day. 20160123_085415The roads were worse going back, branches down, the snow thicker.20160123_085935 We ate our bagel-less breakfast, watching the snow get worse. 20160123_095437I was glad we weren’t going out for dinner.