Genesis of Janus

I stand corrected. Yesterday’s storm did have a name: Janus. 20140121_204033

Janus was cold and snowy, briefly grounding transportation. 20140121_204450 20140121_203708 20140121_204145But what does Janus, the Roman God of Beginnings & Endings, have to do with our winter weather? janusIs it to be released as part of a film collection?20130214004542!Janus_films_logoWas it inspired by a disprosopus creature?
Rare-two-faced-cat-sets-record-7IEBN4H-x-largeA marketing ploy by Jill Janus of Huntress? jilljanusOr was it just a random moniker from the weather office? bricktamland

I gots to know.