Doubling Down on Anger

I am angry not because it’s the first step in any program but because no one is honest about who they are. Not one of us. The pandemic has made this clear.

After all of the drivel about finding oneself in the quiet of the lockdown – talk which lasted all of three days – the only thing that anyone did was consume and bitch and consume and consume and consume.

Worth saving? Why? We are fucked. And good riddance to us. Btw, I have a book about that, called Anori. It’s about leaving this planet so we go fuck up another one.

Baller Scene Expunged

I did get back to it today. And a scene from Baller was expunged.

Dark room, dim light through a gap in the curtains. A gecko clings to the stalk of a mangled plant. Max lies under clothes and covers in the corner of what used to be a water bed. Baz walks in the doorway.
Hey, Max. We got to go.
The light turns on. The gecko scurries to the bottom of the plant. BAZ pulls the blanket off the ruined bed, revealing Max lying against the wall in his boxers.
You can sleep in the car.
We got to go.
Baz leaves the room. There is a long pause. The gecko peeks over the planter edge and then vanishes as Graham’s voice comes down the hall.
Max moans, his arms draped over his face. Graham stands over him, arms crossed, and then raises his hand, holding a Roman Candle firework.
Last warning, Max.
(Lighting a match)
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Max opens his eyes and peeks around, almost like the gecko. The Roman Candle firework flares to life. Graham points it at Max, and a fire ball launches just above his head. Graham aims the tiny fireballs, one after the other, at Max. The sheet begins to smoke.
(Scurrying off the bed)
Are you crazy!?
A pile of papers catches fire. Baz appears with a bent pail of water and douses the room and bed. Max jumps away, knocking over the plant.
(Jamming the Roman Candle into the pail)
Let’s go, Max!
Graham and Baz leave. Max, still gasping, stands still for a moment and then picks up his pants and goes after them. It is silent for a moment and then the gecko finally crawls out of the planter and perches atop the mangled plant.

Writing Process: Best Laid Plans

I was all set to have a big writing day. I was going to do a 2-3 hour final draft of Baller, my tree-planting script, and get it ready to submit . And then, after an inspiring workout, I would hammer out 4-5 hours of Fuck Pedagogy, getting out all the nasty details of the year-long arbitration with a former school.

But it was not to be. I didn’t get into the work until late and then realized the opening to Baller needed serious work which stalled everything. From there it was a bad house of cards, finishing up bits of cheese from the fridge and moving plants to more ideal locations on the windowsill.

And then I decided to write this blog and see if that got me on my merry way. I’ll let you know. (Odds are against.)

Update: No.

Fuck Pedagogy

After spending a strange fifteen months applying to schools – 100+ rejections in the end – and a temporary contract online, I’m back in the classroom. It’s a good place to be, not only for me but for my book, Fuck Pedagogy.

As I have mentioned previously, the book is my autobiographical take on education, how many in the industry have no idea what they are doing or if they do, not giving a shit about the students.

I’m not a pedagogical person – “listen to the students and offer what I know” sums up my practice neatly – and I have had my issues with the powers that be. That’s what I’m working on now – the drama of my three dismissals – so that I can focus on what the book is really supposed to mean.

Lost It or Losing It Again

Don’t speak. Or when you do, don’t say anything. That’s the maxim of this age. Or a code for something somebody said, got liked and then deleted. The point is to live your life and not be kept in a burrow. Unless that’s your life. The burrowed one.

Things get broke and then come alive again. It’s a dead thing. And then it’s something else. Profound and fecund. And fuck all of that. The point is to not bow down. No genuflection and all of that. Say what is hard and true, look back in anger and say it right.

The detritus is just that. Clean out. Move on. Grow up or out. And then die. Yeah, that happens which is the point. Waking up remains the best part of the day

The limbo between delta and omicron

I am not a student of the Greek language. I know naught. That said, there are letters between ‘d’ and ‘o’, a whole heap of them, and that is my cause of concern. I like to be rigorous – do I ever! – and I want all ships to stay afloat, and so I ask why now?

What is this flurry of new fear? Must I triple down? Must I wedge myself into a safe haven and curse out more heathens? When is the reprieve? Or is this on repeat? A religious bit that we are acting out for some multinational experiment? An old man talking to himself, a gay fellow in a fur coat, a fat couple salivating at Costco’s gates, a little dead dog, all of that. Nothing decent anyway.

That is certainly how it feels, Zuckerberg at the till, never getting off this planet and sinking into the murk. Why now? Why us? Tbd.