New Orleans’ Other Parades: The Second Line

The people of New Orleans love to parade, but not only on Mardi Gras. Image: RexThere are actually 40 different Sundays booked throughout the year for clubs to parade behind marching bands, as the famed Second Line, dancing to celebrate the spirit of the music. Ladies_&_Men_of_Unity_Secondline_Stooges_Brass_Band_2Today’s parade was represented by five clubs: Ladies & Men of Unity, Brother’s of Change, Sophisticated Ladies with Class, KOK King of Kings and Men of Integrity. 20150125_125238The people gathered at the parade’s starting point, Second Street and Danneel in Central New Orleans…and then the police arrived to announce the parade was cancelled because a permit had not been dated. 20150125_124743There was a lot of milling around and talking after that, one man directing people to clear the streets as he served shots of bourbon form the back of his pickup truck.

The police repeated their message. There was more milling and talking. 20150125_131332A band appeared and started to play. And the parade began. Another band followed, the marching band for Brothers of Change, from out of the bar, their second line running after them.20150125_131843The parade was suddenly in full bloom. 20150125_131852A lone NOPD car following at a distance.20150125_132412