Ice Friday: Persecution Decided Out of Hand

Albert Camus reflects on the nature of persecution in The Stranger:

“You won’t do your case any good by talking,” my lawyer had warned me. In fact, there seemed to be a conspiracy to exclude me from the proceedings; I wasn’t to have any say and my fate was to be decided out of hand. 20150708_151226It was quite an effort at times for me to refrain from cutting them all short, and saying: “But, damn it all, who’s on trial in this court, I’d like to know? It’s a serious matter for a man, being accused of murder. And I’ve something really important to tell you.” However, on second thought, I found I had nothing to say. In any case, I must admit that hearing oneself talked about loses its interest very soon.

Zoltar’s Fortune Machine on Coney Island

I went to Coney Island recently and was impelled to extract my fortune from the Zoltar machine. zoltarIt read: You are strong believer in fate. You feel that you have no control over your destiny. Fortunately you  are destined to be very happy indeed. You’ve had some trouble mostly caused by inconsideration of others. But fate will be kind to you and you can expect your life to run on a smoother pattern. You are somewhat irresponsible and that has caused you some hardships. You have a neat and tidy nature and can’t tolerate slovenliness around you. Since you demand this of yourself and others, you will always live in a tidy atmosphere. IMAG0772All of this is true but for the “strong belief in fate”, although the fact that I went to the Zoltar machine in the first place, thought about the card it produced and then posted it here might imply otherwise.