The images of Morris Engel’s “Little Fugitive”

“Our New Wave would never have come into being if it hadn’t been for the young American Morris Engel, who showed us the way to independent production with his fine movie, Little Fugitive.lilfugitiveThis high praise comes from none other than Francois Truffaut himself, the noted director of early Nouveau Vague films, including 400 Blows400blows4–Film-goers owe a fundamental debt to Little Fugitive and the French New Wave. As much as these films may be artsy for many, in not entertaining with dynamic narrative, character and settings, they do offer a devotional to the image, revealing moments for meditation. It is films like these that relate to how we dream, that understand the stillness in how we remember. little-fugitive-7It is these films such as Little Fugitive that we need to see again and again.