Oak Alley: History on a Louisiana Plantation

The property at Oak Alley Plantation is something to behold. One of dozens of Louisiana plantations along the Mississippi River that once oversaw the farming of sugar cane, this house features 300-year-old oaks lining the walk. 20150123_133709The history of the Creole family who owned the home is also intriguing; ice was imported, at a cost of thousands of dollars per week, for their regular dinner parties. 20150123_125434And the fact that you can drink a mint julep throughout the tour is hard to resist.20150123_123406But no matter how hard they might try, and how sweet the drink, none of it works. 20150123_135734History gets in the way.20150123_135740And then the mint julep isn’t so sweet; none of it it is.

Names of slaves who lived and died at Oak Alley Plantation

A partial list of slaves who lived and died at the Oak Alley Plantation

It becomes a dark place with a dark past, and nothing, not even the lovely avenue of trees, can change any of that.20150123_133646