Manhattan – After the storms

It was cold and ugly last night: a mix of freezing rain, snow and wind, all in all, utterly lousy.

7th Avenue and 20th Street, Manhattan

Fulton and Gold Streets, Manhattan

It was just a storm like so many others, not that bad, but I went to sleep with a feeling of dread, thinking about the people in Staten Island, the Rockaways, along the Jersey shore, everyone hit so hard. This was anything but just another storm for them.

It was cold this morning, but the wind and rain were no more. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected. Battery Park was quiet and peaceful. And people were pouring back into the city. The tourists were here too.

At the Stock Exchange

Everything seemed the same, like this storm had never happened, like it was just another hyped event, just more news to cover. But it did happen. It really did. And so now what? What do we actually do? There’s a mountain ahead, overwhelming, almost impossible…but perhaps we might follow Governor Christie‘s advice (via his mother): “Do the job you have in front of you and the rest will follow.” I know that I’ve got to get back to my book. It’s time for the final edit.

Post-Sandy, Post-Election, Pre-Nor’Easter

Okay, Obama won.  And that’s good.But there’s another storm coming to New York today, a powerful Nor’easter, and that’s bad. Winds are expected to be 25 to 35 mph with gusts up to 60 mph. There are warnings of coastal flooding and more rain and snow. Much of the Hurricane Sandy cleanup operations have been put on hold. Parks are closed. People are being urged to stay inside. And so we wait…again.

Looking southeast from Battery Park

It’s a good time to think. What can be done? Can the melting of the ice caps be slowed? What about the release of methane from the polar tundra? And the rising seas? Indeed, can we really do something that will address this climate change? I have my doubts. It’s depressing to think about how badly we have behaved as stewards of this planet. However if President Obama is looking for a legacy, this is it. Or not and we can just ride out this storm and the one after that and the next…just remember that you can never have enough candles.