Pitching the Pitch: Black and Fat

Dez: This group of guys have a friend they think is a cat.

Zed: That’s your pitch?

Dez: What do you think?

Zed: These guys are on drugs?

Dez: No.

Zed: It’s a stoner movie.

Dez: No.

Zed: They think their friend is a cat?20150314_165131

Dez: A cat. A fat black cat.

Zed: I don’t get it.

Dez: That’s just what they see. It’s a perception thing.

Zed: The world sees a black guy?

Dez: A fat, black guy.

Dez: Why does he have to be black?

Zed: It’s a comedy.

Dez: Are the other guys black?

Zed: No.

Zed: And these white guys see a fat, black cat? fatblackcatDez: Yes.

Zed: Does he think he’s a cat?

Dez shrugs.

Zed: It would work if they were dogs. Or mice.