Music for your Bacchanalia

A genuine bacchanalia needs the right music, music that evokes a sense of raw desire, truth in flesh, that kind of thing, not superficially bald renderings such as Madonna’s Like a Virgin or at your local electric zoo. maxresdefaultDance party music is often predictable, denying the subtlety of the bacchanalia, the potential for a slow build, heightening the tension, a move to the side, and then incrementally back toward inevitable release.

Some alternate bacchanalia soundtracks to consider:

4. Uah (Mouse on Mars)dance party

Stripped down, dream-like, this music moves between slumber and fever.

3. Supplication (Grateful Dead)

mud festivalJazz meets psychedelia, spiraling toward electric understanding..

2. Voodoo Chile (Jimi Hendrix)

voodooTowering worlds climb and collide, fade into the distance, resurrected, flying again, impossibly so.

1. Heavenly Music at Half Speed (Fripp & Eno)

heavenly musicThe feeling of a vibrating whole reduced to a devastating note washing over, continuing without end. Something like that.

The Embarassing Supreme Cult of Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis is a good football player, focused and strong, a good tackler and all that; however his athleticism does not excuse him for his embarrassing antics in celebrating himself, strutting like a comic book character, weeping at The Star-Spangled Banner and wearing Jesus on his sleeve. magary-mis-ray-lewis-635Like many before him, Ray Lewis has fallen victim to the cult of his own personality. Vainglorious, exhaustedly so, he has come to believe that he is more than he is, like many a pharaoh, dictator, queen and pop star before him.madonnaThis could be amusing, but it’s not. Lewis is a severely flawed individual who needs the cameras off him. The father of six children by four women, worst of all, Lewis was involved in the stabbing deaths of two men 13 years ago, murders that remain ludicrously unsolved, murders for which Lewis has paid one family an undisclosed out-of-court settlement, murders that should haunt him for the rest of his life. ray2Lewis is expected to stop playing football today, and hopefully it will be the last we are forced to endure his antics. To quoth the raven, “Nevermore.”