Passion Through The Window

“What system?” He was small and intense, his square jaw set.

“Apple.” The other guy was bigger and shaggier with glasses and an absent-minded smile.

“Platform?” He drank his Hefeweizen in gulps.

“Apps mostly.” He sipped, shrugging slightly, almostĀ like a Teddy Bear.

I didn’t know them – they were friends of an acquaintance I had recently made – and while waiting for the conversation to make a better turn, looked between them, out the tavern window, at a couple who had suddenly engaged in a kiss. There were no tongues, no sloppy drunkenness, but a constant embrace of their lips.He had his hands on her face, bringing her closer in. And she acquiesced.

“Broadband,” the intense one asserted.

“Protocol?” The Teddy Bear inquired.

The couple was apart, as suddenly as they had started, looking into each other’s eyes, he a little more desperately, beseeching for her to understand, and she acquiescing to that.

“The job isn’t on the clock.”

“When it’s done, it’s done.”

They stood on the sidewalk, talking casually, laughing, and held their cigarillos like lovers do.

That’s when I noticed that my new acquaintances had gone quiet, both of them looking at me and waiting for me to say something too.