My Skull Island Addiction

I thought it was harmless fun. Screenshot_2015-11-07-07-15-25There were treasure chests to click, jungle to machete away, and lots of silver and sparkle to accrue.skull2 I knew that virtual world building was stupid, and that earning silver coins and sparkle just to get more machetes to cut down more jungle to find more buildings was as facile as facile could be. skull3And yet I couldn’t stop. I needed to check on my island first thing every morning. My time in the bathroom was trebled. Screenshot_2015-11-07-07-37-58Everything else became secondary. The thing was that I had to get my vegetable bazaar built, and that took commitment, and a hell of a lot of finished stone. vegbazaarIt made no sense, none of it. It had become a way of virtual life. Screenshot_2015-11-07-07-38-38And then I realized that the vegetable bazaar would never get finished, and that even then, there would be another building, more jungle to clear. I had had enough. Screenshot_2015-11-07-07-39-07I was sure…unless of course they offered me a dozen free machetes. Maybe then.