Top Ten Hollywood Films

While it is true that Hollywood is a tight box that suffocates individual vision, it also allows for the expense and crew that can make for a distraction worth watching.

10. The Poseidon Adventure (Neame, 1972) You’re going the wrong way!

9. The Fifth Element (Besson, 1997) Multipass.

8. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Spielberg, 1977) Goofy Golf!

7. Groundhog Day (Ramis, 1993) Stay…stay.

6. Jaws (Spielberg, 1975) Just eats and sleeps and makes little baby sharks.

5. Rocky (Stallone, 1976) Women weaken legs!

4. The Sound of Music (Wise,1965) Nothing comes from nothing.

3. Planes, Trains and Automobiles (Hughes, 1987) You’re going the wrong way! 2. The Wizard of Oz (Fleming, 1939) Surrender Dorothy

1. Cast Away (Zemeckis, 2000) I know you.


Venice Biennale 2013: “You’re Going the Wrong Way!”

We had to catch the final sailing of  Ragnar Kjartansson’s S.S. Hangover at the far end of the Venice Biennale 2013 and returned a couple of hours later against the crowds…

IMAG4139Through the Bahamas Pavillion.. IMAG4108Through South Africa…IMAG4118Past the Giant Woman…IMAG4128Winding our way through all the perversions…IMAG4125IMAG4132My partner telling me that this year’s Biennale was more about the artists’ stories rather than the art…IMAG4135Under the Swinging LatvianTree…Screenshot (201)Around the Representation of Symbiosis…IMAG4054Back to the open air…IMAG4045All of which gave me that distinct Poseidon Adventure feeling: You’re Going the Wrong Way! IMAG4134