Friday Words XXII: Entropy

Entropy is defined as “lack of order or predictability, and hence a gradual decline into disorder.” In other words, entropy presents the disquieting idea that no matter what system is put into place, it will eventually disintegrate into chaos and randomness.

I hate entropy (even if it doesn’t care about being hated). I love order. Everything is about organization for me, not just in the streets and society, but in my home. I can’t focus on what I need to do unless my desk is in order, emails sent and a plan is set. Nothing is better than that.

And yet the forces are out there – discrimination, environmental decay, laziness, etc. – which underscore the impossibility of humanity ever working out. My goodness, we can’t even agree on pandemic protocols. What chance will we have when the stakes are raised? (Nil.)

Entropic America: Gun Legislation Shot Down Again

Anti-gun legislation has beenĀ shut down on the senate floor. America’s obsession with guns and their right to have as many as possible will be the country’s undoing in the end.

Are you talking to me?

Are you talking to me?

It’s the entropic element of a society that would rather shoot itself in the head than lose the freedom to do so.