Godzilla in Repose

I understand that Godzilla has her bad days. I understand that she has this destructive streak and needs to get that out. UnknownBut what about her other side, beyond the fury? What about this giant reptile in repose? I would like to see her after the destruction, with all of that pent-up frustration out, what she does in repose. The sadness of the monster in her underwater cavern, alone and misunderstood, the beauty of her regretful eye looking over her rocky lair. cave,underwater-8ee37aef8ede67dbd8e27e587b745208_hTo understand Godzilla as all anger and violence is silly and human-centric; there is so much more to her than that.imagesThe question is when a film-maker will take on this far more interesting story, this existential examination of how we might seek a way out beyond all the noise and annihilation.