On the Cusp, With Resolve

As much as I might decry New Year’s Day, there is something about starting something new, being on the cusp, as it were, everything ahead, coming at you.

There is no better place to be. But we have to be ready and willing. As the polar explorer Alfred Wegener said, Nobody has accomplished anything great in life who did not start with the resolve, ‘I will do it or die.’

Alfred Wegener leads an expedition to the center of the ice shelf in Greenland in the 1920s.

Here’s hoping that we figure that out in time.

Waking The Dead

I was asked at a comedy show, “Hey you, what’s your favorite part of a film?” I said that the first images, the opening scene where the distributor’s logo comes up and the sounds of the film begin, that was the best. The comedian mocked me for that.

I feel the same about concerts. The Grateful Dead taught me that. They never came on stage with fanfare and hoopla, but instead wandered out. Phil Lesh often started the sounds with vague strums, and then sometimes hard and loud, reverberating across the stadium. And then the drums rattled out, the rhythm guitar too, the sound building.

And then Jerry Garcia, on lead guitar would begin, noodling down and up, and there was a beginning of a coalescence. They would meander like that, together, pausing, and then clear notes, pauses, and then the sounds again.

Anticipation. That was is the key to it all. Not what is. But what is next? I always loved that. What will happen now? Where will go tonight?