Two Kinds of People. No, Three.

There are two kinds of people. There are those who give you everything they have as soon as you meet them. And that’s it.

And then there are those who evolve into something else as you know them. In other words there is something more to them.

And then there are those that give nothing at all. Ever. Which are you?

The Credo of Thanksgiving: Buy More

This just in: America’s great holiday is a sham.pilgrims_color_631While the advertising world spins Thanksgiving as a holiday of generosity and love, it has devolved into something else.

Wednesday: Go home. hero_EB20001112REVIEWS0811120301AR

Thursday: Eat too much and then eat more. fat-guy-eating-a-lot-of-food.1Friday: Get up incredibly early and engage in contact shopping. black-friday-shoppersSaturday: Look at your things. ewaste_recycle076_5aSunday: Go home with your new things.Grinching Out

Monday: Buy more things on-line.Screenshot (215)

Tuesday: Give loose change to someone with nothing.bp14

Or not.0_0_0_0_485_232_csupload_50888854